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Criminal Appeals

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Lexington

After you have been convicted of a crime, there is still a chance for you to secure a better outcome for your case. By teaming up with our Lexington criminal defense lawyers from Bleile & Dawson, you can file for an appeal to effectively challenge the validity of your conviction or the sentencing tied to it. A higher court must be convinced that your case is important enough to review. This is where our professionals step in and take over. We will do everything in our power to move your appeal through the process quickly so that it winds up in the right hands.

Why should you trust our team with your appeal? Consider our accolades:

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Who Can Appeal and Why

In a criminal case, only a guilty verdict can be appealed – if you secure a not guilty verdict, you do not have to worry about the prosecution attempting to reverse it. Interestingly, either side may move for an appeal if they believe the guilty verdict has led to either a conviction or a sentencing that is unfitting due to legal errors. This is to say that simply disagreeing with the outcome of your case is not enough for your appeal to be reviewed by a higher court; there must be something technically incorrect with how your trial was handled.

Errors that may be able to constitute a valid appeal include:

  • Evidence was misused or misunderstood.
  • Sentencing is outside legal statutes for crime.
  • Proceedings did not follow accepted trial timeline.

Outcome of an Appeal

There are several ways an appeal can end in your benefit. Considering your case and the details of your trial, your criminal defense attorney will need to weigh your options and determine which one is best to pursue.

After a successful appeal, you may be able to:

  • Obtain a not guilty verdict from the same judge.
  • Request a new trial (no new evidence can be submitted).
  • Push your case for review by a higher court (up to Supreme Court).

Once you have been granted an appeal, the process usually comes to an end; the prosecution may not make additional strides to prevent your appeal. On the other hand, if your appeal is denied, you may sometimes be able to make a second attempt, possibly through a separate appellate court.

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In many ways, your appeal process is more important than the original trial itself. Now that you know what the prosecution used to convict you, preparing your appeal with our legal team can be a careful, calculated process.

Our Lexington appellate attorneys genuinely want to see you through this difficult time and find you the outcome you deserve. No need to hesitate it – contact us today.


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