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Kentucky Sex Offender Registry

Following an arrest for a sex crime, you have a lot on the line. At Bleile & Dawson, we understand that your future, your rights, and your freedoms may be in jeopardy and we will work hard to ensure that each of our clients receive the highest level of legal counsel available. Without the representation of an attorney, you could be facing lengthy prison sentencing, fines, restitution and life as a registered sex offender. In order to protect yourself, your name, and your future, it is absolutely essential that you contact a Lexington defense lawyer from our team right away.

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What Are Sex Offender Registry Laws in Kentucky?

According to the Kentucky Revised Statutes, there are multiple rules and regulations surrounding sex offender registry, and failure to abide by any of the laws could lead to further legal complications. If you are convicted, your name, address, identifiable information and, the crime that you committed will be posted publicly to the Kentucky sex offender database. This information is public and viewable by neighbors, family members, friends and employers.

In addition to the registry, offenders may also experience restriction in the following areas:

  • Living Arrangements In order to be considered for housing, a sex offender's residence must be approved by a corrections officer. Convicted offenders are required to register themselves prior to leaving the county, state, or city and must register in their new place of residence within 24 hours of arrival.
  • Location Restrictions – Registered sex offenders cannot live within a certain distance of a school or daycare.
  • Employment - Work and education may be required to be approved by a corrections officer. Offenders may become ineligible for certain positions and they must work to avoid committing another offense at all possible costs.
  • Medical Treatment All offenders will be required to undergo psycho-sexual evaluations by a state-approved, certified counselor. These sexual deviancy counselors may subject offenders to polygraph tests and require the offender to receive therapy.
  • Contact with Past Victims At no time is a past offender allowed to have contact with any past victims. Mail, email, phone contact, and face-to-face interactions are strictly prohibited. Courts must first approve supervised visits with minor children.
  • Purchase of Weapons Offenders are not allowed to purchase any firearm in the state of Kentucky. If it is found that you are in possession of any weapon, ammunition of firearm, you could face further legal complications.
  • Purchase of Alcohol Alcohol is not allowed to be purchased or consumed by offenders. Offenders are often required to report to a corrections officer who will monitor the offender's drug and alcohol consumption through urine or chemical tests.

It is also important to note that in Kentucky, there are two types of sex offender registration, either for 20 years or life most people who have been convicted of registerable offenses and later transfer to Kentucky from another state are automatically placed in the lifetime category when they should not be in that category.

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It is absolutely essential that you contact Bleile & Dawson following an arrest for any sex crime. Without the representation of an attorney, you could be forced to abide by extremely strict restrictions and register yourself as a life-long sex offender. In order to protect yourself, your future, and your good name, it is important that you retain the representation of our team.

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