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You Can't Count on the System to Play Fair

The most important thing to realize after you have been accused of a sex crime is that the criminal justice system is not on your side. The American legal system promises fair treatment under law for all, but in practice this does not always occur. This is especially true in cases involving sex crimes. People who are accused of crimes such as the possession of child pornography, child molestation and rape very often find that everyone around them assumes their guilt. Despite the fact that you have not yet had your day in court and your opportunity to challenge the evidence at trial, you may be receiving the scorn of your colleagues, your neighbors or perhaps even some of your friends and family. Your reputation and your freedom are on the line, and you owe it to yourself to hire a Lexington sex crime attorney who is ready to fight for you.

To make the situation even worse, you cannot trust the police or the prosecutor to play fairly. Remember: The job of the police is to solve crimes and arrest criminals, and they will make an arrest whenever they believe that they have evidence that a person is guilty of a crime. They won't listen to your explanation of the story with a view to the evidence of your innocence; everything you say and do will be evaluated towards establishing your guilt. Similarly, a prosecutor's success is judged by the rate at which he or she secures convictions, and you have now fallen under the crosshairs of the state, you are being targeted with the goal of convicting you.

Criminal Justice Is a Zero-Sum Game

Furthermore, state and federal prosecutors routinely charge people with crimes that are all out of proportion to the circumstances of the situation, with the goal of intimidating the suspect into accepting a fast and easy plea bargain, an approach that helps them chalk up convictions with a minimum of time and effort. It is an unfortunate consequence of how the criminal justice system works, with the prosecutor playing a zero-sum game against the defendant, fighting to win at all odds and often at the expense of true justice.

Get a Sex Crime Lawyer on Your Side

This may be a stressful - perhaps even overwhelming - experience, but it isn't one that you have to face alone. Come to Bleile & Dawson for help from our Lexington sex crime lawyers. We know from experience that innocent people often end up being hit with false allegations, and we work to contest the evidence and clear our client's name. Even if you committed the crime, our firm believes that everyone deserves a second chance and has a right to fair treatment and due process under law. As criminal defense attorneys in Lexington, we stand as the bulwark between the people and the state, and we are ready to stand up for you.

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