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Bleile & Dawson Pre-Arrest Cases
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Pre-Arrest Cases

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Lexington

After you have been accused of a serious crime, your best bet to secure justice and your freedoms may be to quickly react and start defending yourself as soon as possible. At Bleile & Dawson, our criminal defense lawyers in Lexington know all about the pre-arrest process and can help you take a stand before you are officially charged with a crime. If you have been accused of any crime but have not been arrested yet, you need to contact us right away!

When a Good Offense Makes a Great Defense

It is not always beneficial to wait for legal trouble and criminal accusations to come to you. In some situations, you need to go on the offensive and aggressively defend yourself before matters spiral out of control and you get arrested.

When we handle pre-arrest cases, we keep four goals in mind:

  1. Police intervention: If you act without delay, we may be able to be there when the police come to officially charge you with the accused crime and place you under arrest. With our immediate representation, it is even possible to clear up the situation and prevent your arrest from ever happening.
  2. Speak for you: Legal issues often get worse when you do not understand the legislation surrounding the problem. Let our team do the talking for you from the get-go to ensure that no avoidable yet damaging mistakes are made.
  3. Avoid a scene: In many ways, getting arrested is just as detrimental to your livelihood as being convicted. For example, being cuffed for domestic violence can instantly spread negative stigma around your community, or being investigated for drug trafficking, drug crimes, or sex crimes can turn your world upside down. Our aim is to keep your arrest quick and quiet so no one gets too nosy, if it absolutely cannot be avoided.
  4. Minimize consequences: Taking control the situation right as it unfolds can dramatically and positively alter the potential charges you could be facing. The end result is minimized consequences, should your arrest eventually lead to a conviction.

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Every tick of the clock can feel like a heavy weight on your shoulders if you have been accused of a crime and are anticipating the police to come knocking on your door. By taking action first and preparing yourself pre-arrest, much of the stress of uncertainty will be lifted. Team up with our dynamic and highly-motivated Lexington criminal defense attorney team today while you still have a say in what happens next. We make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency representation.

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