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Federal crimes are unique from state crimes in that they involve a violation of Acts implemented by the US Congress. Rather than involving state-specific offenses, federal crimes impact the entire country, thus making the consequences for federal offenses extremely serious. If you’ve been charged with a drug or sex-related federal crime, you need the aggressive defense of our Lexington federal crimes defense attorneys to represent you in federal court.

We take the time to listen thoroughly to your side of the story, and then take the details of your case to build a powerful defense. We obtain 50+ years of experience defending those accused of even the most serious federal drug and sex crimes and we have earned an excellent track record of winning cases over the years.

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Federal Drug Crimes Facts

It is illegal to possess, distribute, manufacture or traffic a controlled substance. Drugs are deemed illegal under the Controlled Substance Act based on factors including, but not limited to:

  • the actual or relative potential for abuse.
  • scientific evidence of the pharmacological effect, if known.
  • the state of current scientific knowledge regarding the drug or other substance.
  • the history and current pattern of abuse.
  • the scope, duration, and significance of abuse.
  • what, if any, risk there is to the public health.

Federal Drug Scheduling

Drug schedules are organized based on the drug’s accepted medical use and its potential for abuse or dependency. The following describes the five drug schedules and some examples for each:

Schedule I: Drugs, substances or chemicals with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Some examples of Schedule I drugs are: Heroin, LSD, marijuana and ecstasy.

Schedule II: Drugs, substances or chemicals with a high potential for abuse, with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence. These drugs are also considered dangerous. Some examples of Schedule II drugs are: Vicodin, cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl, Adderall and Ritalin.

Schedule III: Drugs, substances or chemicals with a moderate to low potential for physical and psychological dependence. The abuse potential for Schedule III drugs is less than Schedule I and Schedule II drugs but more than Schedule IV. Some examples of Schedule III drugs are: Tylenol with codeine, katamine, anabolic steroids and testosterone.

Schedule IV: Drugs, substances, or chemicals with a low potential for abuse and low risk of dependence. Some examples of Schedule IV drugs are: Xanax, Soma, Darvon, Darvocet, Valium and Ativan.

Schedule V: Drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with lower potential for abuse than Schedule IV and consist of preparations containing limited quantities of certain narcotics. Schedule V drugs are generally used for antidiarrheal, antitussive, and analgesic purposes. Some examples of Schedule V drugs are: Robitussin AC, Motofen, Lyrica, Lomotil and Parepectolin.

If you’ve been arrested for a federal drug crime, do not wait any longer. Contact Bleile & Dawson at (859) 951-3112 today!

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