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Have you been accused of committing an act of violence against your significant other or family member? You are going to need a capable Lexington criminal defense attorney from Bleile & Dawson to challenge the charges and stand up for your rights. We know that there are many people who have been falsely accused of this violent crime, or whose actions have been entirely blown out of proportion and taken out of context.

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With more than 30 years of combined legal experience, we can steer your case away from a troublesome “he said, she said” matter, and use sound defense strategies and solid evidence to your advantage. Tell us your side of the story and we will work hard to thoroughly investigate the details of the matter and make sure you are treated fairly by the law

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Understanding Your Domestic Violence Charges

In Kentucky State, there is no specific statute to define domestic violence as a crime separate from assault or terroristic threatening. Rather, penalties can increase if the alleged perpetrator and victim share some sort of domestic relationship, such as spouse, parent, child, or partner.

To this extent, there are numerous actions that could be seen as domestic violence, such as:

  • Physical harm
  • Intimidation tactics
  • Abuse to cause emotional damage
  • Coercion to gain monetary benefits
  • Unwelcome sexual acts

If you are being accused of domestic violence, you need to know what is being said about you. In many cases, the accusations are not even clear upfront. The prosecutor may rely on flimsy or dishonest witness testimony. Or, the accusations may be a personal vendetta or an attempt to gain leverage in child custody proceedings. We are skilled as recognizing when accusations are false and how to prepare a smart defense based on facts.

Protective Orders After Domestic Violence Accusations

Someone who accuses you of domestic violence can file to have a protective order against you, even before you are convicted. While this is obviously meant to protect victims of abuse, it can actually be used aggressively by stripping rights away from the accused.

A judge’s protective order can stop you from:

  • Contacting the alleged victim
  • Living with the alleged victim
  • Getting near the alleged victim
  • Seeing children you share with the alleged victim

In a way, a protective order, especially an emergency protective order, is a criminal penalty before any trial occurs. There are clear issues with such orders and we can use our legal prowess to help defend you from them.

Skilled Legal Professionals Handling Your Case

When you have been accused of domestic violence, one of the most treacherous and unforeseen factors working against you is sometimes your own statements. As much of the evidence used against you will be based on what is said, not on what is concrete evidence, saying the wrong thing can be more detrimental to your chances than the opposition saying the right thing. During the pre-arrest and investigation stages, it is essential that you work with an attorney early on. If you want to prevent such missteps from happening, you should contact our Lexington criminal defense lawyers as soon as you can. With us at the helm, you can rest assured in knowing that highly-experienced, highly-motivated professionals are on your side and managing all the portions of your case on your behalf.

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