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Accused of a Violent Crime?

Violent crimes are criminal offenses that involve the intentional use of violent force or threat of violent force against another person. Because violent crimes can potentially lead to the serious harm or death of another individual, these crimes are considered more serious offenses, which means they can lead to more severe penalties. Have you been arrested or charged with a violent crime, or are you being investigated for such an offense? If so, it is important to remember that you still have time to protect your freedom and your reputation-as long as you act quickly!

Our Lexington criminal defense lawyers at Bleile & Dawson have five decades of collective legal experience and award-winning services. Attorney Ashley Dawson is among the top 2.5% of attorneys included in theSuper Lawyers® Rising Stars. We are ready to help you challenge your charges. Once we take on your case, we will stand by your side through each step of your criminal case.

Handling Various Types of Violent Crime Charges

Our legal team is prepared to handle all types of violent crime cases, including those that involve charges for the following:

It is important to remember that violent crime charges are often multiplicative, or used alongside other criminal offense charges. The prosecution may use your violent crime accusations as an opportunity to push the criminal justice system towards a conviction for other crimes. You will need to fully prepare your defensive case with a professional criminal defense lawyer if you want to maximize your chances of a positive outcome to your case.

Kentucky Violent Crime Penalties

If you are charged with a serious violent crime, you can expect that the prosecution will urge the judge to assign the heaviest penalties possible if you are convicted. As many violent crimes are automatically considered a felony, not a lesser-degree misdemeanor, the potential consequences are significant and life-changing.

If convicted, you could be penalized with:

  • High fines: Most violent crime convictions will require the accused to pay at least $1,000 to the state. It is not uncommon for fines to range well above the excess of $10,000 or more.
  • Prison time: A felony will lock you away for at least one full year, but a violent crime felony violation may include a 5-year or greater sentencing. In some cases, life without any option of parole could be sentenced.
  • Capital punishment: Kentucky State reinstated the death penalty, or capital punishment, in 1976 and it is still permitted. Since the reinstatement, everyone who has been executed by the state’s authority were done so for murder convictions.

Sometimes the accusation of committing a violent crime alone is enough to damage your reputation and good name. This can be detrimental for your private life, education, and any businesses you may own or operate. Through thorough courtroom tactics, our Lexington criminal defense lawyers can totally dismantle the prosecution’s claims, removing any lasting mark that may have been placed on your reputation.

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