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Accused of a Sex Crime?

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At Bleile & Dawson, our team has more than 40 years of combined experience in criminal and sex crime cases. We cannot stress the importance of retaining us prior to arrest, at the first sign of an investigation. The best results are achieved when we can be proactive in handling a client's case, and you can increase your chances of a successful outcome by allowing us to intervene at the earliest opportunity.

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Your Reputation Is at Stake

It happens all too often that a person who is accused of committing a sex crime such as possession of child pornography, sexual abuse or rape suddenly finds himself or herself subjected to the full social stigma that attaches itself to one who has been found guilty. Even if are facing false accusations and haven't been convicted, you may still find that your co-workers, your neighbors - maybe even your friends and family - are assuming that you did it.

If convicted, you could be subjected to harsh criminal penalties including:

  • Time in prison
  • Steep fines
  • Court-ordered treatment
  • A lengthy period on probation

    To make matters worse, you would be required to register as a sex offender, meaning that wherever you lived you would carry the label of a sex offender and would be included in a publicly searchable database. You simply cannot afford to take chances with the outcome of this situation.

    Whether you have learned that you are facing sex crime allegations or a loved one is currently being held in custody after an arrest, contact Bleile & Dawson at (859) 951-3112 as early as possible. We are defense attorneys in Lexington and all Fayette County, and we fight for the rights of the accused. Our team is ready to listen to your side of the story and begin working on a plan of action for helping you to navigate the criminal justice system. You cannot safely discuss the situation with anyone but your lawyer, so we urge you to seek our help without delay.

    You Have a Right to Remain Silent

    It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of pleading the Fifth at all times during an investigation into alleged sex crimes. Even statements that you think should clear you of suspicion can be used against you. For example, a rape suspect might tell the investigator that sex between him and the alleged victim was consensual. This will actually make it more difficult to defeat the charges – how is this?

    In this situation, the suspect has admitted that he had sex with the victim, whereas before the prosecutor would have had the burden of proving that the act had even occurred, let alone that it was consensual. Your best course of action is to refuse to submit to questioning and insist on having your criminal defense attorney present to represent you with the authorities at all times.

    Pre-Text Calls in Sex Crime Investigations

    The necessity of exercising your right to remain silent extends beyond speaking with the police. You should, in fact, avoid discussing your case with anyone. Law enforcement agencies investigating sex crime allegations will commonly use a strategy referred to as a "pre-text call." In a pre-text call, the accuser makes a phone call to the accused and asks for an apology or an explanation of the other person's actions. What the suspect does not know is that the call is being recorded for the purpose of gathering evidence for use in court. Facing tactics such as these, you should not hesitate to take action to defend your rights and your reputation.

    We are ready to review your situation and start working on a strategy for defending your future. Contact our office now for a free case evaluation!

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    • Incest, Sex Abuse No Charges Filed/No Arrest
    • Incest, Sex Abuse No Charges Filed, No Arrest
    • Indecent Exposure Not Guilty
    • Prohibited Use of Electronic Communications System to Procure Minor Case Dismissed
    • Prohibited Use of Electronic Communications System to Procure Minor Not Guilty
    • Promoting a Sexual Performance by a Minor No Charges Filed, No Arrest

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