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Murder is the most serious crime a person can be charged with. Individuals who are charged with this violent crime may be facing the harshest penalty there is - the death penalty. If you are the defendant in a murder case or the suspect in a murder investigation, you have no time to lose when it comes to securing strong legal counsel. You must take immediate action if you want to improve your chances of preserving your freedom! Even if you are targeted as a suspect and under investigation by law enforcement officials, you need to have an attorney on your side from the beginning to make sure your rights are not violated and that your are treated fairly by prosecutors and police.

You can turn to Bleile & Dawson for the aggressive and strategic legal representation that is needed for life-altering criminal cases such as these. A Lexington violent crime attorney from our team can investigate the facts of your case, help you draw up an effective defense strategy and skillfully present your case before the judge and jury.

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Murder Penalties in Kentucky

Kentucky considers murder one of the few capital offenses on record. A capital offense is any felony that can be punished by death. Since Kentucky reinstated the death penalty, officially called capital punishment, in 1976, three people have been executed, all for murder convictions. Numerous others have been sentenced with this penalty and currently sit on death row.

If capital punishment is not part of your sentencing, you may be sentenced to life in prison without parole, meaning you have no option to end your sentencing early. In many cases, the absolute minimum sentencing requirement for murder convicts is 25 years in state prison with parole options beginning after the first 10 years served.

You may also need to pay:

  • Fines: The state will collect $10,000 from you for most murder convictions, with the fines increasing depending on the details of your case.
  • Restitution: A civil case may be filed against you by the family of the victim. If you are convicted for the crime, it is nearly guaranteed that you will lose the case and have to pay them restitutions.

What is a Crime of Passion?

A defense to many murder charges is a crime of passion defense. A crime of passion is one that is not committed with premeditation, or even necessarily the intent to commit that crime. In regards to murder, it may be argued that you had been incited by the victim until you were provoked into attacking them. During the resulting conflict, the victim lost their life due to your actions but not necessarily due to your intent.

A classic example of a crime of passion is when a spouse comes home to find their significant other in a romantic relation with another person. In that moment, they are so enraged by the betrayal, they commit an assault that ends in death. When this is the case, a plea bargain may be sought to reduce sentencing and the charges to manslaughter. We can also help you pursue an appeal if we believe the outcome of your trial is unjust.

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If you are the suspect in a murder case, this means that prosecutors are working industriously to build a strong case against you. The sooner you call our legal team, the sooner we can start analyzing that evidence and other factors of your case to determine what options you have for your defense. With our assistance, it may be possible for you to reach a favorable resolution to your murder case, such as dismissed charges, an acquittal through trial or a plea deal that dramatically reduces your charge and/or sentence.

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